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Image of Daniel, The Author

I’m Daniel.

A little about me… I’m a creative person. As a result, I have made things over the years with many mediums including welding, wood working, and construction. Also, I am pretty handy when it comes to fixing things.

My interests change over time and recently I’ve taken up sewing. It all started when my wife mentioned in passing that she wanted to take a sewing class and I half jokingly said I’d go with her. She asked if I was serious and I didn’t want to chicken out, so I did it. It was FUN!

The Class

We made bean bags and a hat. I made a bag and she made a pillow. We made a doll together for our then 3 year old daughter. It was cool to have a break from said daughter and do something together as a couple.

After the 4 session class ended I wanted to buy a sewing machine but my wife had gotten her fill of sewing from the class. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a new sewing machine for just myself and if she wasn’t interested I figured I’d just find something else to do.

My Sewing Machine

My sister happened to have two sewing machines and was kind enough to give me a lates 70’s (I think) Sears Kenmore 1560. It’s a great machine and I have a blog post about it here.

I’ve created a few projects since the class. I’ve held off on starting this blog to make sure this would be something I could stick with as sometimes hobbies come and go. And as a guy sewing, I wasn’t sure it would stick, but it did. So, I started the blog to document my journey learning to sew. Join me!

P.S. I’m also a photographer, so I hope you’ll enjoy my photography while you’re here and you can check out my work here.