This Guy Sews

My Journey Learning to Sew

Favorite Things

Here you will find a collection of my favorite things. From patterns and fabrics to notions and products, this is your one stop for all my favorite things.

My Projects

As I learn to sew I will post all of the things I make here. You’ll see the patterns and the finished product and all the in-betweens.

My Stuff

This is a place where you can see what equipment I’m currently using. From sewing machines to thread and fabric. It’ll be listed here.

Sewing Room Essentials: 15 Things You Need Now

Findout what 15 things I find most essential in my sewing room. You may be surpised by a couple of them. 

Our Covid-19 Adventure

My family didn’t feel the effects of the slowed economy until well into the pandemic. But finally, a reduction in hours at my job was unavoidable. Luckily for me, the reduction was only 20% as opposed to many others who lost their jobs entirely. I’m very thankful I wasn’t in that camp.